Paulo Coelho rocks

Coelho’s generous share on writing process

Paulo Coelho – Of course, it’s the writer of books that seem like they should be written on handmade paper and gently bound with needle and thread, who makes a video of himself talking at his kitchen table about how he struggles to write his current book.

The most open, honest words I’ve ever heard a writer utter. Finally, he answers questions we all want answered when we listen to any inerview of a writer or an artist (i.e., This is how it really happened: I struggled with an idea, an experience. I knew a book could evolve from my experience, but it’s a struggle to begin the process of translating one’s personal experience into written language with the aim of producing “art,” which resonates with any reader as a universal experience that they identify with, that connects them with the experience of being human and makes one think, “me too.” Here’s literally how the struggle goes… “I’m human too.”


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