The Loss of Obscurity – A Round-Up of Recent Reports Relating to Privacy and Personal Consumer Data

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A jumbled collection of recent clips and snippets, that feel to me as if they’re pieces of the same jigsaw…

  • An article in The Atlantic on Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than ‘Privacy’:

    …”privacy” is an over-extended concept. It grabs our attention easily, but is hard to pin down. Sometimes, people talk about privacy when they are worried about confidentiality. Other times they evoke privacy to discuss issues associated with corporate access to personal information. Fortunately, obscurity has a narrower purview.

    Obscurity is the idea that when information is hard to obtain or understand, it is, to some degree, safe. Safety, here, doesn’t mean inaccessible. Competent and determined data hunters armed with the right tools can always find a way to get it. Less committed folks, however, experience great effort as a deterrent.

    This can be a useful distinction to make, I think, when considering…

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