Autobiography of a pencil

Autobiography of a pencil

A charming essay from the Library of Economics and Liberty, of all places. [w-t-?]

It reminds me of my first published bit of writing. (Thanks to my mother for sending it in to the newspaper without telling me. I heard about it at school after it was published. What was the scintillating topic of a 3rd grader so urgent it must be published in the local newspaper? A pencil. And…some other “office/school supplies.” It was all about their adventures during the night while I slept.  I didn’t think it was that interesting. I was just completing my assigned homework and didn’t particularly like doing it. (It was work–writing!) However, I admit being pleasantly surprised–sort of–and a little disturbed that my mother would take something I wrote and send it to a newspaper to be published, even if I was in 3rd grade (way back, when we would not have dreamed of putting a colon next to a parenthesis and calling it a smiley face.)


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