Pure Radiance

beautiful…it hits that spot in the cycle of happiness and sadness where one can’t really say they feel one or the other — it’s the point where they touch. It’s both and neither. It’s laughing, smiling and crying at the same time.

Forward Walking


Pure Radiance

All is the Radiant Seed. Seed never dies nor is it born; it is only in constant transition — seed gives way to root and stem, to petals that bloom, to more seed that falls to the ground and again is the beauty that roots to the earth and reaches toward the heavens. It does so in perfect harmony. It does not cling to any of its forms or stages, nor does it race on to the next. It is Pure Being.

Learn to follow Nature’s example, and you will learn what it means to be Free–
Fully Alive In Each Now Moment
Dancing In The Radiance Of Your Own Perfection Unfolding.

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Hope you enjoy this little video by Alan Watts:

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