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The show opened. Over 200 hundred people from 5 different states came to celebrate. We sold some work. I am speechless , awestruck, flattered, inspired – and also really, really tired, in that I did my best kind of way.  I’m grateful to my friends and family for being so supportive, and I’m happy to meet so many enthusiastic people.  I’m grateful for John Colan for letting me show my work. The show is up until November 30.  There are 35 paintings, all 9″ x 9″. oil on canvas, 2013.

My paintings are a combination of heavy and light, dark and playful. Sometimes I’m painting about a snail I saw on the sidewalk on the way to the studio, the sea shore, the horizon. Sometimes it’s nostalgia for place, for time. Sometimes I’m painting about the violence around me. It could be pure joy, it could be betrayal. It’s…

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I tend to watch wheels go round and around.