And the [art history news] ‘beat’ goes on…Felix Salmon’s in the house

And the [art history news] ‘beat’ goes on…Felix Salmon’s in the house

…The house of castaway art history majors.

P.S. President Obama’s apology? Kind of sounds like another dig, doesn’t it. His art history course in college brought him “joy.” That’s the only relevance he’s able to ascribe to art history–a college course and joy. Ahem. First, who was his professor?? Second, when I went on to graduate school in art history, I discovered that I had had a unique ‘alternative’ undergraduate education in art history, that was more like a frame through which to study history, politics, economics, and the ever-present role of art and visual culture around the world [not the entire world, ok, but no part was actively excluded] from Prehistoric times through the 20th century. My education in art history encompassed the wide-ranging topics/perspectives/elements mentioned in my previous post on the subject.


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