In my entire career, I’ve never seen a worse week of international violence

Remember back in 1999, when “irony” was our biggest enemy/ailment? I remember thinking there was almost no limit to the places that young people could travel, which was amazing after growing up when the USSR and the Iron Curtain was a given and our biggest threat: nuclear war, mutually assured destruction. In 1999, our ailment was the threat of cynicism, apathy, left-over Gen X-style sarcasm. Although, I do remember when I learned that there were “rules” of war. I was perplexed as to why all the adults I knew and/or heard on political TV talk shows assumed that these “rules of war” were, of course, always followed. It seemed to me that if we could be respectful and orderly enough to obey “rules of war” with other human beings around the world, then we didn’t need to fight any. But, back then, it also seemed that the majority of world citizens were mostly in agreement as to what reality was — and (with many exceptions, of course, but fewer than today) what people said was more in sync with what they did. If not, then someone would call out the posers and most people would again align in agreement over reality versus the outliers, who obfuscated it. Then something happened during the years Clinton and George W. were in office–the rise and acceptance of reality spun into tales of what leaders wanted reality to be, despite blatant evidence to the contrary. For some reason, the public let them get away with it. Then they adopted is a a common m.o. too. Perhaps that’s why we couldn’t imagine the world crumbling into chaos. It’s much more comfortable for us humans to not acknowledge the seeds of disturbing realities growing or put it off until some day in the future. It seems that sad future is now. So far, we’ve dealt with it by assuming the worst in people and then verifying assumptions with infinite bits of surveillance media, spliced together neatly to confirm our worst fears and assumptions–erroneous or not.


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