Recently France’s ecology minister, Ségolène Royal, said people should stop eating Nutella because it contains palm oil. But then Greenpeace stepped up to defend Nutella, pointing out that boycotting palm oil wouldn’t solve the problem and telling Quartz that Nutella-maker Ferrero is actually working hard to be part of the solution. “We therefore consider Ferrero to be one of the more progressive consumer-facing companies with regards to palm-oil sourcing,” Greenpeace said in a statement. When even ecology ministers are confused, you can be excused for failing to track the palm-oil heroes and villains.

The way environmental groups are approaching palm oil has shifted, because the industry has shifted — now every major palm-oil trader has committed to ending deforestation. Commitments are great, but now palm-oil companies face a bigger challenge: actually stopping the momentum toward rainforest clearance. Palm-oil growers won’t meet that challenge unless they have support — and a mandate — from their…

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