The 20th century is in the past. Peter Drucker wrote about the changes that occurred in the 20th century: The Age of Social Transformation via The Atlantic. We no longer live in the 20th century, and we cannot bring it back, which President Trump seems to think he can do. It’s essentially what he promised during his campaign. We might be better off, if we all accept the dramatic changes that have occurred in the world during the first decade and a half of the 21st century, and proceed accordingly: accepting what IS now, today. I have found that whenever I accept reality as it is now, I can deal, proceed, become unstuck. It means I have a challenge ahead of me, but I feel relief. I suddenly have more energy and motivation, even a little excitement to face a new challenge. In contrast, whenever I find myself resisting the organic pace of change throughout the world, I basically feel like some version of crap. I notice I’m angry, irritable, frustrated, anxious, sometimes scared. It sounds like Trump aims to reverse worldwide changes since the 20th century. Achievable goal?


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