Pubs from the Molesworth Gallery

Contemporary art publications from Molesworth Gallery, Dublin

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The Un-Performance Artist


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Arts in the Berkshires in Winter

10X10 on North | Winter Arts Festival

It’s the answer to the following vexing question:
How do you get an audience for arts [– Wait. There’s more…]
How do you attract an audience not just for “the arts” but [There’s still more, in case that’s not challenging enough for ya…]
How do you attract an audience (1) for the arts, (2) in the dead of winter, (3) who willingly gets up and walks down the street in the cold to see the next act?
There. Now, that’s a challenge. Think it can’t be done? (I’ll admit. I had my doubts, but they kicked this one out of the stadium, way down the street, over the hills and through the woods–way past grandma’s house–way way down to that glow emanating from that deceptively small, turns-out-not-to-shabby,
metaphorical “vaann doowwnn by the RIVER (Hudson, to be exact).”